Everything is an illusion

Fafa is an experimental fashion film directed and designed by Bartek and Rafal inspired by the work of great educator and visioner - Alan Key.

Hartwig Fashion Department took care of fashion idea:
"Model wears nothing but accessories, presented as works of art, who play the lead role in the film. Fafa becomes a metaphor. She changes faces, multiplies herself, blurring the line between photography and 3D motion design. Everything is an illusion. Anything is possible. Just as in today’s fashion, the interpretations can be endless. What counts is personality, style and unique character - fashion shows us unknown territories"




At first, this project was supposed to be a simple photo session to promote a model called Fafa. After few calls, we decided to create a fashion movie but an idea about high-quality still frames stayed in our mind. We decided to create a very dynamic film with many random, different technics, procedural effects and hope that this will result in some interesting still frames. The whole process was pretty painful and resulted in ą proximately 100 different 3d renders. Finally, many animations didn't get into the movie or were visible just for few frames but this was the whole idea.


Concept, Design & Direction: Abra.Network
Vitkac & Hartwig

Co-Creator: Televisor

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